My other Music and Such

2013-07-03 14:24:43 by Blobmonster

for those who may care, my newer songs and recordings are on my soundcloud ( I may put some of those songs over on Newgrounds, or I may get lazy, but only time can tell!

Finally i got a legit recorder. Now I can record all of my guitar and piano with good quality and not some crap static-y stuff. So Happy!


2010-10-15 09:59:27 by Blobmonster

I've been working on a bunch of ceramic pieces for school, and I am about ready to start bringing them home to photograph them. It will be a new part of my art which I hope people will enjoy.

Into some wings...

2009-05-21 22:46:59 by Blobmonster

I am getting into winged drawings because, well, wings are cool and fun to draw. This is my own style of wing. It isn't exactly like a wing, if you notice, but don't antagonize.

It's a design for a band logo.

Into some wings...

Mural Art

2009-02-24 18:52:42 by Blobmonster

I was recruited to do an art piece for a mural at my school. This is one of my ideas. It is a marble from the perspective of an ant.

Mural Art


2009-02-07 20:53:08 by Blobmonster

I just submitted a song to NG. I hope it shows up soon.